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Fiche vocabulaire anglais : les matières (éducation)

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chimie chemistry
Pertinent Non pertinent

[18] the highly energetic chemistry is believed to have produced a self-replicating molecule around 4 billion years ago. (source : Wikipedia).

comptabilité accountancy
droit law
Pertinent Non pertinent

this act, like those in many countries, exempts slaughter in accordance to religious law, such as kosher shechita and dhabiĥa halal. (source : Wikipedia).

économie economics
Pertinent Non pertinent

transport as a field is studied through transport economics, the backbone for the creation of regulation policy by authorities. (source : Wikipedia).

finance finance
français french
Pertinent Non pertinent

in 1794, jean baptiste gilbert payplat dis julien, a refugee from the french revolution, opened an eating establishment in boston called restorator, and became known as "the prince of soups. (source : Wikipedia).

géographie geography
gestion management
histoire history
Pertinent Non pertinent

eastern and african painting, however, continued a long history of stylization and did not undergo an equivalent transformation at the same time. (source : Wikipedia).

latin latin
Pertinent Non pertinent

the word "animal" comes from the latin word animale, neuter of animalis, and is derived from anima, meaning vital breath or soul. (source : Wikipedia).

management management
marketing marketing
Pertinent Non pertinent

in north america, autumn is also associated with the halloween season (which in turn was influenced by samhain, a celtic autumn festival),[5] and with it a widespread marketing campaign that promotes it. (source : Wikipedia).

mathématiques mathematics
philosophie philosophy
physique physics
sciences de la vie et de la terre(SVT) biology
un cours a course

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Test de vocabulaire : les matières (éducation) (19 mots)

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