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Fiche vocabulaire anglais : spécialisé marketing

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campagne publicitaire advertising campaign
client customer
coût cost
Pertinent Non pertinent

most air breathing fish are not obligate air breathers, as there is an energetic cost in rising to the surface and a fitness cost of being exposed to surface predators. (source : wikipedia).

cycle de vie life cycle
demande demand
Pertinent Non pertinent

[10] with increased specialization and globalization, production is being located further away from consumption, rapidly increasing the demand for transport. (source : Wikipedia).

emballage packaging
Pertinent Non pertinent

computer-based control systems, sophisticated processing and packaging methods, and logistics and distribution advances, can enhance product quality, improve food safety, and reduce costs. (source : Wikipedia).

fidélité loyalty
gamme range
Pertinent Non pertinent

music can also be determined by describing a "process" which may create musical sounds; examples of this range from wind chimes, through computer programs which select sounds. (source : Wikipedia).

leader sur le marché market leader
marché market
Pertinent Non pertinent

in the pre-modern era, the sale of surplus food took place once a week when farmers took their wares on market day, into the local village market place. (source : Wikipedia).

marché cible target market
offre supply
Pertinent Non pertinent

each mesonephric tubule receives a blood supply from a branch of the aorta, ending in a capillary tuft analogous to the glomerulus of the definitive nephron. (source : Wikipedia).

part de marché market share
rapport qualité prix value for money
retirer de la vente to recall
situation gagnant-gagnant win-win situation
tendance trend
Pertinent Non pertinent

anthropogenic global warming (agw), a recent warming of the earth's lower atmosphere as evidenced by the global mean temperature anomaly trend [11], is believed to be the result of an "enhanced greenhouse effect" mainly due to human-produced increased concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere[12] and changes in the use of land[13]. (source : Wikipedia).

un acheté un gratuit buy one get one free
syn : BOGOF
un article an item
Pertinent Non pertinent

[citation needed] some consider this disadvantageous to smaller hotels whose quality of accommodation could fall into one class but the lack of an item such as an elevator would prevent it from reaching a higher categorization. (source : Wikipedia).

un article qui fait partie des meilleures ventes a best seller
un concurrent a competitor
un échantillon a sample
un questionnaire a questionnaire
une enquête a survey
une petite portion du marché avec une demande précise a niche
une publicité advertisement

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