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choisir : choose / chose / chosen

Formes du verbe "Choisir" en anglais

Le verbe Choisir est un verbe irrégulier en anglais :

Infinitif Choose
Prétérite Chose
Participe passé Chosen

Exemple(s) d'utilisation de "Choisir" en anglais

Attention certains exemples peuvent être faux :
c'est le cas lorsque le verbe est orthographié exactement de la même manière qu'un nom ou un adjectif,
comme c'est le cas pour "beat" par exemple. Nous travaillons sur le choix des exemples actuallement.

According to the analysis of Georgiana Costescu, improvised music usually follows stylistic or genre conventions and even "fully composed" includes some freely chosen material

[21] Because of the great diversity found in animals, it is more economical for scientists to study a small number of chosen species so that connections can be drawn from their work and conclusions extrapolated about how animals function in general

This research has generally proceeded by asking transsexuals when they first realized that the gender role that society attempted to place upon them did not match the gender identity that they found in themselves and the gender role that they chose to live out

Transsexual people, particularly those who have difficulty in passing in all circumstances, often refuse to accept their gender identity falls into the gender binary, and choose to use terms such as gender queer to define themselves

Each mode has its advantages and disadvantages, and will be chosen for a trip depended on the nature of the purpose, cargo and destination

For instance vegetarians choose to forgo food from animal sources to varying degrees

Others choose a healthier diet, avoiding sugars or animal fats and increasing consumption of dietary fiber and antioxidants

If expecting parents choose hospitalization, mortality can decrease through consistent monitoring of the babies

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