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Fiche vocabulaire anglais : les matières (éducation)

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chimie chemistry
Pertinent Non pertinent

[18] the highly energetic chemistry is believed to have produced a self-replicating molecule around 4 billion years ago. (source : Wikipedia).

comptabilité accountancy
droit law
Pertinent Non pertinent

this act, like those in many countries, exempts slaughter in accordance to religious law, such as kosher shechita and dhabiĥa halal. (source : Wikipedia).

économie economics
Pertinent Non pertinent

transport as a field is studied through transport economics, the backbone for the creation of regulation policy by authorities. (source : Wikipedia).

finance finance
français french
Pertinent Non pertinent

the word 'train' comes from the old french trahiner, itself from the latin trahere 'pull, draw'. (source : Wikipedia).

géographie geography
gestion management
histoire history
Pertinent Non pertinent

a large portion of the history of painting is dominated by spiritual motifs and ideas; sites of this kind of painting range from artwork depicting mythological figures on pottery to biblical scenes rendered on the interior walls and ceiling of the sistine chapel to depictions of the human body itself as a spiritual subject. (source : Wikipedia).

latin latin
Pertinent Non pertinent

the prefix nephro- meaning kidney is from the ancient greek word nephros (νεφρός); the adjective renal meaning related to the kidney is from latin rēnēs, meaning kidneys. (source : Wikipedia).

management management
marketing marketing
Pertinent Non pertinent

in north america, autumn is also associated with the halloween season (which in turn was influenced by samhain, a celtic autumn festival),[5] and with it a widespread marketing campaign that promotes it. (source : Wikipedia).

mathématiques mathematics
philosophie philosophy
physique physics
sciences de la vie et de la terre(SVT) biology
un cours a course

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Test de vocabulaire : les matières (éducation) (19 mots)

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