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Anglais > Verbes irréguliers anglais

Formes du verbe « Vouloir dire » en anglais

Le verbe Vouloir dire est un verbe irrégulier en anglais :

Passé composémeant

Exemple(s) d’utilisation de « Vouloir dire » en anglais

Attention certains exemples peuvent être faux :
c’est le cas lorsque le verbe est orthographié exactement de la même manière qu’un nom ou un adjectif,
comme c’est le cas pour « beat » par exemple. Nous travaillons sur le choix des exemples actuellement.

The standard body of choices and techniques present at a given time and a given place is referred to as performance practice, where as interpretation is generally used to mean either individual choices of a performer, or an aspect of music which is not clear, and therefore has a « standard » interpretation.

Composition does not always mean the use of notation, or the known sole authorship of one individual.

It is often taken to mean the « natural environment » or wilderness – wild animals, rocks, forest, beaches, and in general those things that have not been substantially altered by human intervention, or which persist despite human intervention.

In some contexts, « house » may mean the same as dwelling, residence, home, abode, accommodation, housing, lodging, among other meanings.

Feng shui can also mean the ‘aura’ in or around a dwelling.

Anthropogenic global warming (AGW), a recent warming of the Earth’s lower atmosphere as evidenced by the global mean temperature anomaly trend, is believed to be the result of an « enhanced greenhouse effect » mainly due to human-produced increased concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and changes in the use of land.

The Exner system of scoring (also known as the « Comprehensive System ») is meant to address this, and has all but displaced many earlier (and less consistent) scoring systems.

Talmudic tradition explains this to mean that a man may not shave his beard with a razor with a single blade, since the cutting action of the blade against the skin « mars » the beard.

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